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no comunication with the pcm ecm after replacing blend door motor
I change the old to new radiator. The problem still the same. I want to know how come the oil mixed together with the water inside the radiator a blow out when it is overheat.
After starting car and while pressing brake pedal, I sometimes can not move the gear shift from Park position. I believe the brake pedal switch is OK as the brake lights work ... but the gear shift remains locked. I...
what is the function of the intake manifold holes what does it do
Passenger rear shock bolt broke and shock went thru heater hoses. Cannot find any hoses, how to repair?
Where is bank1 and sensor
This seems to occur when I am driving at speeds of 40-45 miles per hour. What could be the problem?
My gearshift is off it became off one day I went to use my 4wheel drive. When I want to put it in drive to drive it I have to put it in 2nd according to the reading on the dash. When I wanna put it in park it will go ...
heater not blowing hot air
only when i clamp the heater hose then i get cold a/c
My Navigator still has a miss even after it has been checked out, here's what we've tried so far: 1. New spark Plugs 2. New Fuel Filter 3. Cleaned Mass Air Sensor 4. Checked Injectors 5. Getting 100lbs. of pressu...
I have a miss in this 1998 Navigator and I had the fuel filter replaced already and we also hooked it up to my husband's nephew's computer at his garage, and it shows no codes whatsoever. They said the catalytic conve...