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Wondering what needs to be taken apart to replace a leaking heater core in a 1998 Lincoln Navigator
can you tell me exactly where the mass air flow sensor is located on this model,it is not on the trottle body,as indicated in the auto zone parts store.
Could this be caused by the heater blend door actuator or do the heater core need to be back flushed since it get hot after you raise the speed up?
could it be a fuse or relay for locks are blown and the key pad for door locks need to be replaced.please give me more options to look for because the fuses seem to be good.
will replacing the coil pak and fuel pump solve this problem.Can you help me things to look for to solve this problem.
I can turn my car to the left with ease, but i cant turn it to the right.
my steering completely turns around tires wont move.
air pump not workinr not pump up in the back
Can not move the shift control back into park
In my navigator, my air conditioner and heat is not working in the front. It will work in the rear of the truck with the controls. It will sense the temperature in the vehicle and blow out correctly, just with no a/c ...
why would my gas needle go to full when i know that tank is not full
My truck is 11 yrs. old,i do get oil changes like i suppose to and the truck does run good,but how much longer do you think it will last.Has 207,000 miles on it
when i turn the ignition it just goes click and the battery is good the air went out the back
When my air conditioner was repaired, My navigator radio immediately started to have a lot of static. Radio stations that used to come in clear had a lot of static or could not be picked up at all.
My truck has been in the shop for two eeks. It has a miss to the engine. Spark plugs have been changed and all boots have been changed also. The shop thought it was an injector that was still causing the problem. but ...