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All Bulbs good. Drivers side turn signals dont flash, indicator inside does not either.
Had car at dealer for an intermittent not starting when cold. Picked it up after they did nothing and went through the car wash to get the salt off the car. Mid way through the wash the fan stopped blowing hot air. Wo...
The headlights stopped working (come on sporadically), air bag light comes on once in awhile, "check charging system" on the display, heater shuts off sporadically (display and fan), no cruise control, battery has bee...
I recently had both front and rear bags replaced. I wasn't having trouble but with 120k on it thought I'd be proactive. Rear is fine but there is a leak in front. No problem while driving but after system shuts dow...
and the turn single works and I have not found a blown fuse.
Not sure where to start looking since fuses are okay and all seat electrical connectors are connected. Thanks.
When I turn it off it turns right back on. The power looks off but it is still blowing on the defrost.
The steering wheel is dead. You can turn the steering wheel. But you cannot adjust it or change the position of the steering wheel.
engine is completly warmd up
temperature blend door broken in heater box.what is fix and cost?
Engine Oil is leaking from the Rear Engine Main Seal
ac compressor always engauged even when off is there something i can do it also blows hot air when ac is turned on?
I need to know how to take apart and install new headlight lens on my 1998 Lincoln Mark viii ?