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The car will start right up after its been sitting for a couple of hours but if i start it an cut it off it wont start right back up until the car has sat for a couple of hours
For the time being I have installed a quick disconnect for the battery, this is how I turn the car off. Okay when the key is turned off, the engine stops as it should, but everything electric, dash instrumentation,...
repaired evap system, clear codes 443 443 pending. Ck eng lite off as long as i drive car. After stopping & re starting lite comes on. Clear code again & re try ok as long as car is driven as much as 125 miles, stop ...
does the speed control deactivation switch have anything to do with the transmission fluid leaking?
the fuel gauge is pointing straight up.....temp and radio are ok....518 265 3900...ken
Even if i completely disconnect the stereo system I am get very very loud noises through my speakers which occured after installing the air ride conversion kit. I have tried disconnecting the system in the back of th...