lincoln ls thermostat housing is plastic or some crap? on 2005 Lincoln LS

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now when these pieces fallapart, they have to clog up the coolant circulation. but where do they go. cause i replaced the thermostat housing and when i saw the worn out plastc, i said to myself this has to be the overheating problem. plastic pieces getting clogged in coolant system somewhere. but where cause i have no leak and my water pump and stuff r good. i think the plastic parts gotta be serviced every year or two. my opinion, thermostat housing and all plastic parts. cause when the plastic around the thermostat falls apart going in the coolant system somewhere cause coolant circulation problems causing overheating to occur. my car is over heating and bubbling in tank until it over flows from high PSI. i didnt change ma water pump cause mechanic said it works. he said the pieces that corroted in the thermostat housing is clogging something. so think before u change all these things. im gonna strip all coolant connects and check where these plastic peices that hold the thermostat in its place are going. these r pretty big pieces it u ever saw what the thermostat housing looks like when is corroted
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may need to know engine size to do research but I think your car may have a plastic water pump impella. This may have come apart and and the water pump is not moving enough coolant.
o aight i was gona change that cause i heard about that problem to. im jus wondering where all that plastic go when the thermostat goes bad and corrotes in to little pieces. V8 engine
Better have a combustion leak test done,good chance it could be a head gasket.