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need a drawing to show how to remove. where is it located.i have removed radio but dont see it
engine idle high & sometime surge forward when sitting at a red light. When air is on it idles higher.
The following fault codes come up. Those related to emissions/catalytic converter were there before and Ford mechanic recommended not worrying about. The others are more worry some as the "E" symbol has also come on...
was told 2 deferent stories that you can replace front and rear seperate and was also told it comes in 1 piece
my check transmission light came on then shut off. hasn"t come back on should i get it checked out? or wait for it to stay on. thanks
found chips that advertise more horse power and better gas mileage. with no side affects or permenant or harmful changes to your engine.. anyone have any exsperience with this??
My 2004 Lincoln Ls v6 was not blowing cold air at idle speeds but was cooling fine at hiway speeds, I added coolant and now the motor idles higher or the blower one and it doesn't cool well at hwy speeds any solutions
auto trans slams hard all the time , what should I do and is this a recall item ???
Where is the low side port located?