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im told it has 33,000 miles on it . how can i be sure of mileage, do engines have serial numbers ? Im told they have vin number from car it came from . want to make sure vin matchs the engine. How?
low mileage used engine ..using my old parts ..belt driven parts i believe dont come with engine . need to use my pols ones
parking brake switch has fallen into the center console. How do I get it back in place? How do I disassemble the console. Does it require special tools?
The ride is hard, even on the highway. I feel the road surface even if the pavement looks perfect. The tires are new and I am reasonably sure the tires and wheels are balanced properly. There is almost a subliminal...
does this mean the oil cooler is bad
No code has shown up ... I had noticed a slow leak that required topping off the fluid every week ... it now requires topping off prior to driving daily and it leaks fluid once parked. What is the estimated cost to re...
where can i find the egr valve and is it hard to replace? I keep getting the code at auto zone. car won;t pass emmissions after clearing.
How much more to replace the hoses at the same time?
We've been experiencing a few issues recently with our 04' LS. Started with the check engine light, then the wrench looking light for ETC mode began to turn on, which we had to turn the car off, then turn back on. I...
What does it take to replace the filter on this 5R55S transmission and do I need to change the fluid in the Convertor?
What is a reasonable cost to replace the throttle body and reprogram it? rlwmarine@att.net
It appears to have a slight jerk when goin into another gear.
my A/C is blowing hot air. Could it have something to do with my radiator hose needing to be replaced?
cd player keeps going out