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the parking break is all the way down and i have the ATS button off
There are no trouble codes in the computer. Traction control & the ABS seem to be working correctly. The light is on all the time when engine is running.
parts such as hoses and belts and coils
tightened clutch disk and pressure plate, but entire assembly moves around on flywheel. Is this normal or did i miss something?
the sound seems to be coming from under my feet in the drivers seat. It is a constant humm/whine, with no change if idling or accelerating.
Battery was dead, jumped car. Runs and starts fine. When you put it in reverse the speedometer quits working tachometer works, fuel gauge doesn't work. Odometer is blank. ABS light comes on as well as Traction Con...
says check the fuse/relay? wheres that located?? also says it could be a defective pump is that located by the driver side wheel well?
how to change a coli pack and spark plugs