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I have a 1998 Lincoln Continental, and the problem I'm having is that when I shut the car off both my headlights and radio remain on, even when the doors open, also, I can't shut the radio of by its power button.I was...
what are the proper fuel trims on a 98 lincoln continental proper mass air flow rate? are 30 misfires normal at idle why is my code scanner sitll reading closed loop fuel system at 199 degrees basicly i need some ...
corner jumped car off she ran fine next day she cut off again looking at oil dip stick she had to much oil have drained it replaced oil and filter cleaned plugs still no fire to theme
Now my Lincoln after having replaced shift solenoids ,and other's, its torque converter has no stall at cranking but does want to pull off while in park now. What would cause this ?
the brake light and shifting out of park continue to malfunction. I've replaced the brake switch and it works for a bit then appears to burn out, and I've done this a few times. any idea's would help. thanks
What cars are compatible with a98 linclon continental
Check transmission light is on and so is check engine light . Car is not drivable and tries to go dead now . I change all transmission solenoids .
I unbolted the sway arm(?)the brake cable and the strut. But it doesn`t lower far enough to pull the strut out. Do I need to pull off the tie rod? Is there anything else i can do? Thank you for any help. Cheers
can either material or workmanship be responsible
does anyone know if all 98 continentals lug keys all fit
no fuel pump prime,but have power to the fuel pump plug but no power at the pump,and its a new pump.