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first time problem, is there a ignition switch assembly in the steering column, other than the ignition switch
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All the doors are closed but the message is still there causing my interior lights to come on every time i stop the car. You can't lock the door when the ignition is on.
If the dash does not light to show the reading of mileage of the car what do you you check fot
having a problem lose of power steering while driving then it will come back and then lose it the check steering assist comes on
the wire is no longer attached to the window . How is this repaired?
I have 2 issues with my Lincoln, and not sure if they are related so I'll try to describe both. 1st, while driving, I feel a hesitation, sometimes is ok, sometimes it gets worse, loses power, engine dies. It was only...
bushings. Also advised that may need rack & pinion steering replaced because the steering assist goes out all the time. Will replacing R&P also take care of both problems? What is estimated cost?
My car overheated on me and i put a new water pump it has a new feul pump and a new radiator and new censors. It worked for like 2 days then it started overheating and i fixed the fans and once i did that i accidently...