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1997 Honda Civic Question: LIKE LUNGING PLEASE HELP ME. car lunging at first and second gear

LIKE LUNGING PLEASE HELP ME. only at first and second gear it almost feel like the emergency brakes are locking 3/4/5 gear runs great please help. thank you for your time. -
Answer 1
Ever thought about letting a mechanic drive it, broken motor mounts can cause this!! Also to much throttle. -
Comment 1
thank you for your response i had a 3 diferrent mecanics check it 3 different diagnostic clutch is good, tune up done, motor mounts good, next step , we going to change the distributer. tomorrow posible may change the fuel filter this is a good one for me on a honda civic hard to ditec symptom thank you for your expertise -
Comment 2
What did the three mechanics think it was? Let me know what you find after you do this work. Thanks! -
Comment 3
none of the above fix the problem, the problem got fix by replacing the map sensor. thank you for your advise. -
Answer 2
V-TEC or non V-TEC engine? EGR equipped? -
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no check engine light on no codes is it distributor or fuel filter or ?it feels like it jerks the car at first and second gear