Like another questions it seems the transmission drops out for a second, on 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis

the car is usually traveling between 50-60, its wet out(raining or snowing) when it happens. May only happen once in the morning and maybe not for a week, then when its snowing and traveling 50 drop out 6-7 times. The car has over 230m, it started happening at 199m

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your described conditions almost sound like hydro-planing , not trans. does the symptom occur on dry roads?
you're right mostly when it wet out but it still happens on dry pavement. it may run for weeks without anything happening then on a rainy day 6-7 times, but if I'm 65 and above it doesn't seem to happen
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keep going ,trans is probably going
Not enough info. But if you are moving that fast it is likely not second gear. Could be a failing overdrive clutch, TCC lockout solenoid. Torque converter, or an electrical issue. If the check engine light is on that may help.
the engine light does not come on, not even flash. Had ford run the codes the same day it happened and they said they didn't see anything wrong
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