2007 Mercury Grand Marquis Q&A

2007 Mercury Grand Marquis Question: Like another questions it seems the transmission drops out for a second,

the car is usually traveling between 50-60, its wet out(raining or snowing) when it happens. May only happen once in the morning and maybe not for a week, then when its snowing and traveling 50 drop out 6-7 times. The car has over 230m, it started happening at 199m -
Answer 1
keep going ,trans is probably going -
Answer 2
Not enough info. But if you are moving that fast it is likely not second gear. Could be a failing overdrive clutch, TCC lockout solenoid. Torque converter, or an electrical issue. If the check engine light is on that may help. -
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the engine light does not come on, not even flash. Had ford run the codes the same day it happened and they said they didn't see anything wrong -
Answer 3
your described conditions almost sound like hydro-planing , not trans. does the symptom occur on dry roads? -
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you're right mostly when it wet out but it still happens on dry pavement. it may run for weeks without anything happening then on a rainy day 6-7 times, but if I'm 65 and above it doesn't seem to happen -