lights/electrical on 1995 Plymouth Neon

I hit a bump and lost all power. Popped the hood & noticed one of the battery cables came off. Secured but all lights/fuses had blown. Replaced all but the flasher. Now I have front lights no back. I hit the brake and the front markers come on. Is there something I've done wrong?? Or am I overlooking something??

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The battery cables must have been quite loose prior to hitting the bump or perhaps the battery was not secured/held down properly. Did the battery short out against the hood? A 40 Amp Maxi fuse out near the battery protects the front light circuit, that then powers fuse 2 (15Amp) and fuse 12 (4Amp) in the fuse box that power the light switch. Two 10 Amp fuse #17 and #18 protect each front head light and I think there is a circuit breaker in the head light switch itself.
When you hit the brakes and the marker lights come on makes me think the car has an incorrect bulb fitted to the brake lights in the rear, remove the brake light bulbs and press the brakes and see if the marker lights now illuminate. If this no longer happens replace the brake light bulbs with the correct bulbs.