Lights on dashboard, flickering and going out. Headlights not bright enough. on 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Lights on dashboard flickering, going out from time to time, when pushing on the panel the lights will go back on until you let go, drive over bumps the lights flicker and sometimes come back on. Also headlights not bright enough, paid for top of the line bulbs, still not making a difference to the illumination of the headlights. Thanks for your help.

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My jeep did the same thing and if i remember right it quit and never did it again. As for the headlights the only thing mine have done was one time they were in the on position but the only thing on was the running lights....when i realized it i flicked the brights on and then back off and then everything was good to go again. i have had nothing but problems with my jeep. good luck!!
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Mine is doing this as well! Usually it's fine, but occasionally it will do this and it is annoying! Probably loose wiring, might need to tighten up the panel.