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2002 Pontiac Bonneville Question: lights-interior

half of my climate controls light up as well as my radio while the other half doesn't. ive never had this problem before and it just started last night -
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when i bought the i had no interior light so i was thinking the fuse may be blown.so i put fuse in and they wound'nt turn off.
I have no interior lights. Not even the door light comes on Trunk light is also out. Three days ago I noticed that the driver side front and rear floor mats are wet.Please tell me what I need to do.
neither my front passenger door nor my back door power windows woork as well any my interior lights ?
also the alam will activate but the interiors light will stay but will go off about 20min also when activate alams lights doesn't not flash.
Car doesn't turn over - not even a click. Yet all interior lights and radio come on. Tried to charge battery but nothing changed. Checked battery - it looked okay. Was running fine yesterday.