1996 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

1996 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Lights flash on and off and the door locks go up and down while driving.

For a while my interior lights would go on and off and my door locks will go up and down. This happens when I turn left or hit bumps, at first. Now as of this morning it does it while I am simply pressing the gas while driving. I am wondering if this is the PCM -
Answer 1
The PCM has no moving parts so I wouldn't think that the bumps or turns would affect it. More likely it's a fault in the wiring where the insulation may have worn through inside a door, where it may have rubbed on the window lift mechanism or something. Anything's possible in cars, the PCM could be getting funny but I'd look first at the wiring. Here's a directory link for you: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=31560&car_brand_names=Chrysler -
Comment 1
Thank you very much. I was leaning toward wiring too. Especially since I had a sliding door replaced 6 months ago due to a suicide deer. I was wondering if the wiring got pinched or something. BUT if that was the case and the insulation was worn through shouldnt it pop a fuse when the wire touches metal? -
Answer 2
I have had the same problem with my '96 Town and Country for about 6 months. Before that it would happen every once in a while. After reading this post, I went out and did some poking around. I have read previously about a problem with a wire bundle under the driver's front fender, but in previous attempts failed to find it. Tonight I went to the van, started poking my finger looking to see if the wiring harness into the door was dislodged or something. I don't know what I did, but when I got in and drove it, all the problems were gone and did not re-appear except for one time when I went over a pretty solid bump. Tomorrow I'm digging into the door, and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to see a bad wire somewhere. -