1998 Oldsmobile Aurora Q&A

1998 Oldsmobile Aurora Question: lights

When the car is off the parkling lights and bake lights will blink continuiously on their own. -
Answer 1
security system working. you need a shop with a scan tool that can see what is happening within the pcm. Roy -
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...equently comes on, sometimes the cruise stops first and then the light comes on. The ABS light lights up as well as the Traction Off light. Most times the Service Stability Control light comes on...
The head light switch may fail causing erratic head light operation.
We replaced the bulbs in both the turn signals and brake lights. The turn signals work. The head and tail lights work. The fuse and switch next to the brake pedal tested as working, but the brake l...
What does it mean when my check engine light blinks off and on. Also the car seems to be slow picking up power.