lightning bolt indicator light on, next light below light bulb out indicator on 1993 Jaguar Vanden Plas

this came o after jump starting another car ? what is it and what do i need to do for repirs?

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This icon is for the electrical system. Have a shop familiar with Jaguar (or a dealer) diagnose the problem for you to determine what the problem(s) are and make recommendations for repairs.
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I own a tow company, and I have a 05 jag VDP. I advise no one to jump another vehicle,especially with a jag, mercedes,BMW. See the car nor jumper cables do not regulate the amound of power that comes out.On a tow truck we have circut brakers for such reasons.Reserch explaines you can have complications,just of the jolting of ur battery,further you can blow fuses or ect, do to that.