2005 Volvo S80 Q&A

2005 Volvo S80 Question: Lighter socket not functioning

My lighter went out and I don't know how to find the correct fuse to check to see if it just needs a fuse or if it is some other problem. -
Answer 1
Get a test light, and check the fuses with the key on. If one side lights while the other does not, that could be your culprit. -
Answer 2
If you get the owners manual it will have a diagram of which fuse box it is in and also what location in the fuse box then check if it is blown and replace as nessesary... -
Answer 3
The fuse is located under your drivers' brake pedal area, you gotta remove two T25 screws and remove the plastic panel. You should see a set of fuses there, I know it's an odd place for a accessory outlet fuse, and it's a 15amp. Here is a screen shot of the wiring diagram: http://s53.photobucket.com/albums/g53/Samsonite79/?action=view&current=Untitled.png -