Light on ESP/BAS and Traction light also, is this a clock spring problem? on 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan

Always on while driving.

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Yes, its quite possible. The clock spring is also the steering angle sensor which is a major input for the stability control system. What code is setting?
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I'm presenting a class on EPS and Stability Systems for the first time next week. Lots of manufacturers doing things that make us shake our heads with these systems.
I know about the steering sensor and symptoms caused by them and repaired many of them from GM's. Just forgot how Dodge did theirs. I Hate Dodge, Got their ideas from MB.
Yes the Daimler is strong in this one. The SAS inside the clock spring is a node on the CAN network.
Oh yeah! I remember after you said angle in clockspring.
I have to admit i was wrong! Just fixed this same problem, on a vehicle just like this one, with a new clock spring! Another way i could tell on this one was the faint clicking when steering wheel was turned. Other than this time there was another time i was wrong,,,for about 15 seconds,,, i thought i was wrong! But that's it!!
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I have an 08 Caravan with same lights. However mine was making a growling sound and felt it was applying the brakes. I assumed that was the ESP/BAS in action. Shop said code read the steering sensor was not working but should not be an issue with every day driving. Lights eventually went off. Today ESP/BAS was continually activating and it sounds scary. The two lights are back on. I have been hearing a clicking sound in the steering column for a long time. I know that's the clockspring but horn works and no airbag lights. Since the initial code was steering sensor, would you say my issue sounds more like the wheel sensor or clockspring?
It's important to have the vehicle repaired ASAP. The steering angle sensor input is critical towards having the anti-skid function operate correctly, and other functions like drift assist cannot help maintain the vehicles trac in cross winds and with high road crown. But that is just the beginning. What do you suppose might happen if the horn power manages to be fed to the airbag circuit, and it just happens to also make a ground connection? Search false airbag detonations for some examples because it can happen! But there is still the issue of the air bag not deploying correctly if heaven forbid an accident does occur and you or one of your loved ones needed it's protection. Right now is that moment in time that you would give anything to go back to if you had a second chance. Think about that.
I have a 2010 caravan with same lights. The catch is that I think I caused it. I just replaced the evaporator core and I believe I may have gotten the wheel back in 360 degrees out. I did my best to be careful not to do this but it is the only excuse I have. The question is have I broken the spring and need to replace it or do I just remove the link and try to re clock it?
I have an 08 Caravan, had the evaporator changed last week and today I started having this problem. While driving it feels like applying brakes. Any advice or recommendation?
Crazy R, i have the same problem with my caravan same as you & Mamavan, ESP/BAS was continually lite and it sounds scary. The two lights are on. Did you ever find out what was the fix? If the it is just the steering angle sensor (Clock sensor) which need to be change?
There isn't a single fix for any given warning lamp(s), let alone a particular trouble code. All of the diagnostics steps should be carried out each and every time.
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Not the clock spring. A 'scan test' is needed to find the problem area. (SCAN TEST!)
Dealer supposedly has diagnostic and comes out as clock spring, I don't believe it either, appreciate your answer.
You are welcom! You can post the results of the test for more info if needed.
Agree with #1; The Electronic Suspension, ABS and Traction are all part of the Anti Lock brake module. I wouldn't think the steering wheel would have anything to do with your brakes.
I took my 2009 dodge ram 1500 to a mechanic shop today and the code that popped up was the steering angle sensor and I have the same warning sign on my dash esp/bas and traction control light I don't understand that either.He said that sensor is saying that the truck isn't driving straight.

I have a small repair shop that is encountering this issue. This is my first exposure to this how tough is it to replace the clockspring in these 08 Caravans?
This should give you a 'general idea' of how it's done >▪️▪️
I'm looking for an actual answer not a this might be close. Has anybody here done this repair?
Yep, sure have! .. Good luck to ya!
Ouch, that isn't a good response ;-). Is it that bad? On the 2008's
All you got to do is copy and paste the YouTube video link I posted and watch it being done! .. That about all the help anyone can provide here!