light clicking noise during take off and or stopping when car is warm on 2002 Mercedes-Benz ML55 AMG

I have a 2002 ml55 amg. Just about two days ago, started to notice a light clicking noise, front underneath the car when you brake, take off or sometimes making a turn or going through bumpy road. The noise is not a persistent clicking like a grinding noise.

My mechanic checked all over including my brakes(brand new brake pads, rotors and etc, but still not able the detect the origin of the issue.

The noise is not speed related. It is an isolated event.

Please advise, thank you.

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There are 2 torsion adjustment plates on each side between front and rear doors on undercarriage . Pull bolts out and grease with marine lube ( or something just as durable) . Remember to mark bolts when removing as they control height of vehicle. I had this same prob on my ml55 , they sell a bushings kit for this but it's not worth buying as problem will re-occur everyonce in a while. This home remedy is extremely effective.
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I had the same exact problem on my 2000 ml55. I spent hundreds of dollars at the dealer w/out any success. Then one day I noticed that the shifter in the councel was slightly moving to one side when I would take off. It rurned out I had a broken motor mount. Once that was replaced all the noise went away.
Problems like this may best be resolved by someone with a lot of experience with this vehicle. That may be from a high quality Mercedes Independent, or the Dealership. They see many problems on these vehicles, and they may have seen this before.
Front wheel drive ? if so could be constant velocity joint not a repair for a backyard mechanic