Light Assembly Replacement on 2002 Jaguar X-Type

This model has a really rough ride that jars the lights and makes the connectors weak after a period of time. Jaguar repairmen are few and far between in smaller towns, and it is hard to get a diagnosis and some reasonable work done. Driving a Jag does not HAVE to mean you are loaded. Does anyone know how to replace the light assembly WITHOUT going to a shark dealership?

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I went to Autozone and bought 2 headlight assemblies with 8 " wire leads and just cut and spliced, total cost....18 dollars, 8 months ago, no more intermittent or non-working headlights
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I recently replaced the headlight assembly on a 2002 Jaguar X-Type. Bought the left and right headlight assembly from Amamzon and took it to Maaco to install. Total cost $750. Jag Dealer wanted $1,500. Don't take the car to a mechanic, take it to an autobody shop.
I had the same problem. Needed to replace the assembly on both sides. Dealer wanted $1500 p/l. Found OEM assembly on Amazon for $360 a piece delivered. As crazy as this may sound. I took the car to Maaco and they installed it for $125. Saved about $655.

02 X-Type 3.0