Liftgate finish panel cracked
Rt rear wheel bearing noise
both common problems on 2003 Mercury Mountaineer

Vehicle has low mileage.Love my vehicle,very comfortable when traveling short and long distances.Frequently travel back and forth for dialysis treatments.
Have crack to finish panel on liftgate.
I hear that this is a problem with all mercury and ford liftgates.
Why has this not been addressed. You purchase a vehicle and expect it to look good. Is there anything that can be done.
I don't think I should have to buy the panel since it is a flaw in design of liftgate.

RT rear wheel bearing making noise while driving.Was told this was common with these vehicles and that it would cost appx. $1400. Don't have that kind of money!!
Why was this not addressed with recalls. Does there have to be incident with injury before this is addressed? Any Ideas to address this?

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Trim panel not a problem that I am aware of! But 1,400.00 is way to much for that bearing install, unless there is other damaged parts!!
Hub and bearing assembly is only 225.00 labor about the same, you do the math. I'd do them all day long for that. IF NO OTHER PARTS NEEDED!
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recalls are addressed when the safety of driver and passenger are at risk cosmetic fade and cracks are owner responsibility. $1400 seems a little steep for wheel bearing but they go bad from time to time