liftgate doesn't work, except when you don't want it to. on 2005 Nissan Armada

worked as designed for 4 years then liftgate wouldn't open using key fob or switch on dash. would occasionally open by handle on liftgate. closure still worked. now nothing will cause it to open and closer won't work either. However sometimes , at the worst time it will open automatically on it's own without anyone doing anything.
When it does open it opens all the way and stays open.

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Mine does the same thing. I dropped it off at the dealer today and they called me and said it was working fine. I told them to keep trying it. After reading other disscussion pages one thing I will check on my own (if the dealer can't fix it) is the alighnment of the striker and latch. Hopefully I can find an adjustment. One time I pushed below the handle and pulled the handle at the same time and it opened. This really makes me think that it needs an adjustment. Let me know if you find the answer before I do.