lifters noise on 1995 Isuzu Rodeo

is there any adjustment too quiet lifters loud lifter noise

by in Aurora, CO on October 19, 2010
3 answers
ANSWER by on October 19, 2010
I know with my Ford Explorer was making noise and it is the lifters wearing out. After each oil change it would quiet them down but as soon as I was up for another oil change (2800-3000 miles) it would make the noise again. The shop wanted $800-1000 to replace the lifters. Not sure if your lifters are going but with it being a 1995 it might be. Hope this helps.
ANSWER by on October 19, 2010
The most common adjustment is : set the oil level right. If the oil level is low you can experience this condition. If the oil is not aerated (no tiny bubbles in it) it will probably needs new lifters. Zee
ANSWER by on October 06, 2013
put a heavey=er oil vilocity i use 15-40 quites it down and works
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