lift kit installed high 4wd works fine , but 4wd low cant seem to get it in on 2003 Jeep Wrangler

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a 3inch lift kit was installed into wrangler i purchased but low 4 wd does not want to go in // was told a pivot rod assembly & bracket has to be install to allow for difference in height? is this a kit & if so where can i purchase one and name of kit pls.
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Have a good 4WD drive shop deal with this. Anytime you install a lift kit, you are changing the geometry of the drive line, this is something that you do not want to guess about, other wise you could have a drive shaft snap when your on the highway and have bad accident. It happens.
The fact that the 4wd low is in-op is not a good sign.
I have a shop looking at it but they stated to find a extend kit? linkage for pivot rod & bracket? suppose to be a kit ? do you know name of kit??was also told person who installed did a pro job but dont understand why extend kit for 4wd was not installed