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Owners' Reviews

Lexus SC300 Reviews and Owner Comments

6 Reviews
Lexus SC300Owner Reviews (6 reviews)
  • 1995 Lexus SC300
    Visitor, Walnut Creek, CA, October 29, 2013 21:10
    Driven many, many cars. This Lexus is probably top 3 cars for the money. 225,000 miles, looks and drives like new. Great car.
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  • 1994 Lexus SC300
    Visitor, Iola, KS, January 29, 2012 14:21
    I just purchased a 1994 Lexus SC 300 on 1/28/2012. It doesn't have the owners manual and was wondering where the switch is located for the heated seats.
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  • 1996 Lexus SC300
    Visitor, Crawfordville, FL, October 20, 2011 23:52
    Transmission wise when my car goes through a gear shift it sounds ragedy like something is grinding it drives me nuts what to do?
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  • 1994 Lexus SC300
    Visitor, Debary, FL, February 12, 2011 21:01
    I bought my car in 2003. It had 125,000 miles on it. So far the things I needed replacing was the air conditioning, front struts, radiator. Other than that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this car. Actually its the best car I have ever owned. I now have 185,000 miles on it. Most people think my car is quite new since I take really good care of it. I would definitely buy another Lexus.
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  • 1995 Lexus SC300
    Visitor, Pittsburgh, PA, December 30, 2010 19:26
    I've owned my car for 5 years,very reliable.I wish there was more acceleration from com[plete stop.I think part of the reason is the 4 speed tranny and the weight of the car(very heavy).Overall great car.Still a headturner.
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  • 1993 Lexus SC300
    1sleeper, Wildomar, CA, September 26, 2009 11:46
    The only problem is with the clutch for 1993 5 speed manual transmission. Replaced twice, never achieved smooth shifting. Otherwise a great (and fast) car.
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