Lexus ES300h Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Lexus ES300h


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2013 Lexus ES300h
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2014 Lexus ES300h
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Lexus ES300h
$93 to $189
Lexus ES300h
$66 to $158
Lexus ES300h
$66 to $147
Lexus ES300h
$37 to $72
Lexus ES300h
$256 to $457

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I am purchasing a 2014 Lexus 300 Hybrid. Should i purchase the extended warranty and the maintenance plan? Any other information would be appreciated.

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The pre-collision system may activate while driving due to the radar equipped with the vehicle recognizing steel plates or roadway joints as an object that should be avoided. Dealers will temporarily disable the system as a precaution at this time, and will notify owners of affected vehicles a second time when a permanent repair procedure is available. Repairs will be made free of charge.

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