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Actron 9575 standard OBD2 scanner. Lexus seems to be a 17 pin semi circular port. Research says car is OBD2 compliant. Leads me to believe adapter will be sufficient. Know I can spit out the codes by bridging TE1 and ...
My rear reverse lights are stuck on! it just out the blue started doing it, anyone know the reason why??
In addition, today I notice the right front speaker going out. What parts should I start replacing.
My 95 lexus has a problem with the left front calaper it drags for a mile or so and then realeaces any thoughts on this
changed out the amp today with a used one from an ebay reliable website.. still no sound.. if i change radio is something about some "codes" that i must be concerened with..? if so where do find the codes or get them?...
because when u first accelerate it gets a feeling of being bogged down then it picks up...even in passing ger sometimes it will bog down before picking up speed..
It also smell very bad when you step outside the car. I just had the car at the dealer on friday. They could not duplicate the issue. The car does not smell all the time. I had it out all day today and I did not smell...
my drivers side door latch has broken inside door and window is jamming against it when I try to run window down how much will it cost to rplace or repair latch
1994 Lexus SC400 running hot has 182,000 miles what could it be?
My car turns off quite often when I come to a complete stop. It sputters slightly when I turn it back on but it runs fine afterward. It does it about 2 to 3 times a day. No check engine light comes on and it cranks...
how do you remove&replace the ignition cylinder housing the vehicle was stolen and the housing damaged
how do you remove & replace the ignition cylinder housing ,the car was stolen and the housing was damaged