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Ac dash lite started flashing off n on...Next the ac fuse blew so it is replaced... Now the clutch on the compressor won't engage.Is this a bad relay? How do I troubleshoot this to find the causerie
Ive recently had the timing belt replaced, car now starts but wont idle, obd1 code 15 is now showing up, what exactly does this all entail?
a muffler but my air flow system is breathing what is wrong with my car
Compressor will not turn on but has been checked and does work. Fan works but only blows hot air. Previous owners son put original radio back in without hooking up. Could he have cut a wire or done something to air...
The transmission did not exhibit any problems, pulled hard and shifted smoothly. Then gradually started taking it's time to find a gear. Now there is a slight whine noise and long hesitation to reverse and no other ge...
It does not start moving according to my speed until about 10 to 15 minutes into driving. Recently had transmission done about 5 months ago and after sometime of regular driving it kicked back in but a week ago had t...
my rpm needle goes from 2000 and drop to 1000 rpms up and down constancely and it travel about 45 mph w/out putting my foot on the gas.I have perchased a position throttle sensor and still have the same problem.
All the others work and I am wondering if this can be fixed or need to be replaced.
the pump has been replaced also the alternator. I need to look at a drawing of the system please.
my car will only go in gear if i push the shift lock override button. how do i disengage this?