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Dealer didn't hear it bc it would only happen sporadically but now it is constant
I have coolant in the car. The first time I start it it will not blow warm air. I turned it off and went back to start it and it warmed up. Why is it not blowing warm air?
Why is this happening and will lexus stand behind this. For a top notch company I am surprised this happened
Lexus says I need to buy new Lexus radio ($1000); can I buy a cheaper Best Buy radio and still have it synch with Nav, phone,DVD audi? Any recommendations?
My Trac On, VSC and check engine on and we tested it and this code P0355, what does this mean
It gets louder if I turn. at about 50 I don't hear it. No vibration. No Clicking. Noise stops when I stop rolling. Looking for cost estimate of what a shop might need for repair.
There were no error codes displayed. Freon was added by a mechanic, but the problem continued. Reasonable or expensive fix?
Today a chunk of my dashboard fell onto the floor. There are three other elongated cracks passenger side near air vent. I am mortified and disappointed in lexus. I waited a really long time to afford this car. Ne...
What damage can be done to the engine etc as I have to drive 18 miles to get it to the garage/home. I keep stopping until it cools but I am concerned about the engine and more damage. The temperature gauge at first ...
it stinks like sewer. Pulled up carpet floor insulation and carpet were soaked.
I have 91,000 miles What might be the problem
The brake pad and disc were just changed. but the next day, after a while the car vibrated and showed check engine and VSC lights. the lights are yet to go off completely as it has been reset with the scanner. also, t...
Do I need to take care of it right away? Can I wait for a couple of days to take care of it? It's Saturday night.