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Problem was intermitten and has become persistent in past month. Brake light switch was replaced @ dealer in the past 6 months. All other functions are normal.
Temp's are below zero - problem coincides with frigid temp's. Do I need to take the car I or is it reasonable that it's simply just too cold?
The outside rearview mirrors do not automatically adjust when backing up.
I have a 2005 Lexus RX330 its a great car.. Runs wonderful.. today I went to the store and it ran fine.. When I got home and cut off the car.. I restarted it to check it.. I turned it there was a small click but.. it ...
If the AC is set up on the same temperature the driver side blowing wormer temperature that passenger and can not get cooler.
Why is it so expensive to replace a right rear wheel bearing. $463 parts and $450 labor. I understand the labor. Why is the part so expensive?
Engine will not crank/turnover. New battery w/clean terminals. All accs, lights Door locks, etc. Works.
Lexus 2005-2010 dashboard finish cracks up and falls off. My Lexus has only 79k and well maintained but looks awful now with this happening. LEXUS REFUSES TO FIX IT. WHAT CAN I DO. CANNOT NOT FIND SOMEONE TO DO IT A...
The headlamp gets moisture anytime it snows or rains.
I noticed a large water leak stain on the inside passenger side cargo area. The dealer is checking it out but indicated it may be a body seam split. The car is low mileage and well kept - this doesnt seem right.
found a cut on the steering rack boot on the passenger side, took it to an independent lexus repair shop and they told me that the steering rack is leaking and has to be replaced.
My AFS light started blinking today. What is the cause? How do you fix it?
Just had the wires and plugs prplaced and just filled up with unleaded gas. Gas mileage is 23 in town.