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anybody know what would cause the brake light on the dash to come on or flash and ding
I have been disconnecting the battery cable to turn off the check engine light but within one or two gas fillups it comes back on!
getting a puff of smoke when sarting with 120,000 miles o the engine and regular oil changes
problems with the evap system. Could the transmission work have caused this problem?
mechanic says the diagnostic equip shows that I need a rear main crankshaft seal replaced-leaking, as well as the transmission pan gasket needs replacing. It is due for auto transmission fluid change, anyway. What i...
a few months ago my remote quit locking/unlocking on the drivers side - the other doors work fine
the leak is on drivers side at the front of the door near my left foot. It happens when it rains heavy and when i go thur car wash
sometimes when i start my car the radio, clock & temp displays are ok, other times when i start my can no radio nor display lights. the heater a/c works fine, just can't see the settings.
or how much should a mechanic charge me for the part and the labor? or can I do it myself? Thanks
Check engine and VSC light stays on. Mechanic cannot pinpoint the problem.
I replaced MAF meter but CEL came back. engine is running fine, but bucked once when accelerating up a hill. no apparent vacuum leaks, air box clean, filter newer and clean. could i have bad gas? not making sense
can anyone recommend a low priced decent scanner and where to purchase? i need one to correctly diagnose codes P0171 P0174 bank 1 bank 2 syst too lean, P1150 AF sensor range perf bank 2 sensor 1. replaced MAF but CEL...