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On road loose metal nuts bolt sound. Shop said bolts loose. Noise still there I'm afraid to drive. What all is taken loose or off to replace rear valve cov gasket. Going back today do I just ask them to recheck every...
Squeaking from front of car under hood. I hear it mostly when the car is cold. Could it be the timing belt? Had it changed at 95k.
Mechanic says both valve cover gaskets need to be replaced. He showed me, and it did seem like both were oozing. Quite a bit of oil on my garage floor. Coincidence?
My 2001 Lexus RX300 makes this beeping sound that seems to be coming from around steering wheel area. Every time the beeping sound comes on my cruise control no longer works and I have to press the gas petal (vs. crui...
it is a squeaky noise and after the air gets sucked in it stops
I used synthetic oil from the begining never had excessive oil consumption issues. Changing oil every 5K miles. Current milage 240K
Have an oil drip and think the filter might need to be changed, but cannot find it.
Like the car stall when taking off what could problem be wrong with it?
why would engine light remain on after replacing denso air/fuel sensor
Diagnostic codes P1300 and P1155 on 2001 lexus rx300. Do these indicate exact position of coil and sensor?
ck light came on again. then got p0174 and p1150. cleaned filter box and changed air filter and went 200 miles. light came on again and I get p110 bank 2 sensor 1. suspect I need to change it, does soaking in alchol c...
I have replaced the Plugs I have took the coils off and moved them to different cylinders cleared the codes and the same codes keep coming back when it is running I can un plug the number one and number two cylinder ...
my mechanic says I need to replace the knock sensors at a cost of 950.00. The code is P0330 for the knock sensor. He says the part is inexpensive but the labor is costly due to where the parts are located. I am wond...