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I drove to a gas station got gas then it wouldn't start. my Lexus has 125000 miles on it. I recently replaced both knock censors.
I had a check engine light come on over a month ago. My scanner said it was a P0171 $10 generic code, bank 1. So I changed the air fuel ratio sensor. The code cleared, then I had a pending code for, I think P1153 i...
Floor, and not responding when brake is applied. Took to break masters and was told it may be electrical issue and have something to do with abs?? But can't pin point and sending me to dealership?? Any ideas??
Started hearing loud noise from rear, growling/humming/?? Sound and vibration that stays constant but will level off once cruising at a set speed, and get louder if and when accelerateing. How can I determine if its ...
Is at the correct level. is there a fairly easy way to rule out possible issues and find the problem for the average car owner. Or does this need to be done in shop setting by cert mechanic?
It is still misfire ing. Check engine light. Comes on and goes off repeats
Fuses are all good but no power to panel fuse or brake light fuse directly above it! wires seem to be fine. After about 20 miles starts to idol ruff and will not exhilarate to highway speeds!
when am driving and want to apply brake i hear a brake warning and when i continue accelerating it stops.continue in that process as i try to apply again.