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No power to fuel system whole from fuel pump to distributor
Diagnostic computer says cannot ocommunicate with car M
The ECU was checked and is working properly. Where do I look next? Thanks
my car begins a major vibration, accompanied by power loss, after 15 min driving at 65 mph. Pull off freeway and drive on surface streets, problem disappears. Tires/balancing ok, shocks replaced, tuneup done, brakes...
I have a P0401 code up solid. I have changed the EGR valve and modulator. I suspect the EGR temperature sensor is bad, but I do not want to spend $175 to find out. Can I measure the detector with a Meter to see if it ...
I have failed my emissions now 4 times. 1st time battery was dead from sitting, replaced battery then check engine light came on it failed stating needed to wait for computer to reset & to drive for 2 weeks. Went back...