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I can't barely hear my callers and/or the instruction on the navigation system from the speaker on the driver's door. Callers hear me...I can't hear them.
My traction light want go off, VHS light want go off and the engine light comes on when I start the engine
Just purchased vehicle with only 49k miles. Left rear speaker buzzess/vibtaes with any bass volume. Would love to upgrade NAV & stereo and rear speakers to a new audio system that can access Pandora through an app o...
also radio volume does not work at time and the screen does not show display at times
Each time I start the engine the left mirror housing hyperextends all the way(faces to the leftside). With some difficuly I can mannually bring it to the right position but after turning off the engine and start again...
Labor hours to replace O2 sensor for 04 ls430. Bank 1, Sensor 1
After driving and the car gets hot . Not running hot but just hot . Once car is turned off. Sometimes it will start shack and cut back off check engine light comes on . And when you try to re-start it just spins.
my car shows the check VSC and enginge signs come alonge as well as traction off when checked they said problem with carbon sanesor so what to do
after dealer service after continuous driving +25 miles reseting does not cure reinstall of software has worked previously
Recently I had an oil change and routine maintenance completed for 70,000 miles. Shop reset my mileage for oil change, tire rotation. However, my Maintenance Required light has come back on. How can I have it removed ...
I purchased a new headlight repacement bulb and taking it out was easier than putting it back in...how do I install the new bulb? Thanks for your help!