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The low washer fluid warning message flashes nonstop in the dash even when the reservoir is full. The dealership told me it would be several hundred dollars to repair. Is it very difficult to replace on my own or can ...
My 99 lexus ls has a vibration when driving I've had the car a year and it's always done this. I recently put on new tires and there are no dash lights on. Feels like something out of balance under the hood. Its prono...
Does fine day to day or around town but after being on the road for awhile in stops blowing. Not hot, just stops blowing. After being parked for several hours its okay again.
crankshaft were replaced...if red light flashes can I still drive car to a repair shop...Lexus dealer unable to diagnose or get light to stay off for more than 20 miles.
My check engine light has been on every since I notice my breaks are not stopping my vehicle completely. I have been told that it is the master cylinder, back break pads & roters; Getting all this fix, with this also...
My 1999 Lexus LS400 makes clunking noise under steering colum - main shaft assembly when going over bumps or uneven road at high/low speed. If driving on the paved road then no such noise come out.
The lamp is on the side of the car.
I need to add power steering fluid the hose is leaking.
I have been driving my LS 400 for about 11 trouble free yrs. 8-10,000 miles ago it began shifting late when cold. The dealer said the transmission filter needed to be changed so I had that done. No change in the sh...
When should i replace it?
There is a smell of burnt oil when i park .
The repair shop said i need (4) quarts is he correct?
1997 Lexus LS400 makes clunking noice in steering when going overe bumps at highway speeds. Already replaced struts and lower ball joints.
how to remove front brake pads