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even when i run over the little lane divider bump it hits them hard too
my car wont stop squeeking even afer i change the pully tension wheel?
i have been adding p/s fluid to resevouir frequently. after inspecting steering rack boot on passenger side , i saw a tear in it
while driving the battery light came on and the dash board lights dimmed and the radio turned off. Turned car off and when started back up it reved/idled up and down constantly on its own.
How can I change the digital temperature meter (gauge) in my 1996 Lexus dash board from Fahrenheit to Celsius??
This question isn't about a specific car. I am curious to know the information source for common problems reported. I notice that Lexus LS400 and ES300 have no common problems reported, and Infiniti Q45 and I30 only h...
How do you get battery from under hood when battery is dead?