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Service indicator light came on. Can you tell me what it means? It's a red circle with 3 little lines on each side.
On the dash the battery indicator light stays on. The car starts up but will not shift into park or neutral. I have headlights but no brake lights,tail lights or signal lights. On the inside nothing works(i.e. ac/heat...
what price should i expect to pay for transmission fluid and filter replacemtent? and where should i go to get it done? is it something i can do?
I was told the solenoid shifter. It takes so long the first time we are ready to leave before it will shift into gear. I run the car, even rev up the engine.. then when it does it jolts out hard.
Has never over-heated. When engine died smelled gasoline. Coolant was topped off way before. Engine Icon and Trac/off icon on.Today it started but could hear it missing . Slowly it smoothed itself out. Did NOT drive. ...
What's wrong with my car idle to low change plugs do you think i bought the wrong ones
Is it safe to clean your engine at the car wash?
When AC is not on it doesnt run hot, why? The engine seems to die down some when AC is on
Will the whining noise stop after the break in period of a new power steering pump?
My brakes shutter when i press on them?
My traction control/ABS light never goes off?
Low milage always garaged 96 Lexus LS400. When we drive the car for over 1 hour on the freeway at an avg speed of 65mph, then either you slow down for traffic or taking a exit, the motor turns off. No warning, very ...