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There's a wire by the inside fuse box do that need to be plugged in
In a while it runs fine but mostly it wont take of unless you put it in low gear. And when this happens the AC wont work and it runs very rich and getting very poor gas mileage. Someone said it could be the computer b...
I have the same problem with my LS400. The "Reverse" lamp in the dash cluster comes on when we step on the brake.
They have claimed they have to remove the transmission to get to it..But from reading your post this seems contrary..Please advise me
Steering wheel will not go up and down but the wheel will telescope.When I try to get it to go down it makes a funny noise.
works when RPM are over 1000 no power steering until vehicle is up to speed, what is wrong, power steering pump Is on yr old
Wheels stop turning when braking. Suspension keeps going. Repair shop says Bushings.
My tail lights do not work. However my brake lights do. The tail light fuse seems to be OK. Any suggestions?
My passenger corner light does not light up. How do I replace the bulb?
reverse lights don't work,bulbs fine, console indicator on. also instrument panal cluster needs replace only works when warm but gas gauge and temp gauge not working properly is that all part of panal cluster?