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I have a 1993 Lexus LS400. It is only getting around 10 miles per gallon and we smell unburned or raw gas. It also has really bad acceleration. It runs good when it is up to speed but it takes forever getting there...
do u need a spring decompresser to take the sturt n spring off
After some testing,and evualation. It was determented that both cats were bad, they have just been replaced, along with new plugs, and wires. The car has a very slow accelration. What next?
What are timing belt markings
My question is, how do I get into the trunk to retrieve my keys? Can I get to the trunk from the backseat, and if so, how? AAA said he had done it once before, however it was quite an en-devour, can someone please hel...
clicking noise when wheel turn
no juice gets to fuel pump
can i replace a 1993 LCD instrument panel with a 1991 LS400 panel????
My sterring wheel is stuck in a bad position the telescopic motor keeps a buzzing noise when I try to ajust it but it wont move at all.I would like to fix it myself if at all possible what do I need to do? any and all...
how do i isolate problem
front passanger side dropped . always noticed slight lean now all the way down 1993 lexus ls 400
93 LS 400 died while I was driving. Will not start. What can I do to diagnose the problem?
i have a 1993 ls400 when i press the brakes it feels like it is changing gears
where is a good place to purchase a car stereo wiring harness for this car, and what are the specifics i need to keep the factory amp and speakers with the new cd deck?
car ran out of gas. person put more gas in then tried to start car and it did not start. what could be the possible problem with it? want to know because i'm interested in buying the car. is it an easy fix or not??? ...