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Other than cleaning and reassembly. Is it a adjustment sensitive component?
I have one bad converter on the driver side and the car drives very slow my dad said I have a bad coil but I don't want to go spending money on the wrong things I changed spark plugs timing chain last year but I haven...
I have tried everything. Did test, did tuneup. Replaced a lot of sensors.
92 LS 400 - Just started today, at any speed from idle/stopped to highway speeds, car won't accelerate and bogs down unless I floor it. When I do floor it, it jerks like it just suddenly got a blast of fuel and leaps...
It's going through a lot of power steering, but it's not leaking on the ground and I can't find the leak.
So much smoke comes out of the exhaust, that when I leave the area it looks like there was a fire in the area. It happens when I start the car or when I accelerate.
it stalled when i tried to restart it it turned over but wouldnt start the engine got wet a little
changed the engine and harness what all do we need to check when replacing engine for as electrical
The seat belt warning light does not come when I start the car and belt no fastened. The warning light is visable when the key is turn on (not started)
i had both rear os replaced, do i need to replace front os too