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put a new battery but doesn't start
car has been leaking oil for several months. With city driving I usually have to add a qt of oil every 400 miles or less.
my idleing to low n keep turnin off
I purchased this car and it won't start. Has no electrical spark to spark plugs.
in my 92 ls400 the electric door locks, power seat, cig lighter and ac doesnt work. any suggestions on where to start looking for problems ?
i think the fuse is blown for the sunroof where is the fuse
This fast idling problem occurs every morning when I start my car. I've changed my air filter, cleaned the air flow meter, check for vacuum leaks, and changed the thermostat. But I still have the same problem. The car...
I just got the waterpump and timing belt replace in my ls400. Upon trying to start it, It won't turn over. It sounds like there is no gas in the car. What could be the problem and how can I remedy this.
how do i fix the re-tractor on the seat belts/ as well as removing the interior that covers them.
it started sounding weak and now just clicks battery brand new so is alternator
My Lexus started losing power, check engine light comes on. Sometimes it resumes on its own, sometimes it will start back up via key, sometimes it does nothing. Computer says ignitors but the mechanic replaced both ba...
over drive light comes on and off even when over drive button is on....
What is the tire well cover call (name)? Also name for trunk covering? Looking for these items and may be having problems locating them because I'm using the wrong names.