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it stalled when i tried to restart it it turned over but wouldnt start the engine got wet a little
changed the engine and harness what all do we need to check when replacing engine for as electrical
The seat belt warning light does not come when I start the car and belt no fastened. The warning light is visable when the key is turn on (not started)
i had both rear os replaced, do i need to replace front os too
after replacing brakes and bleeding car does fine,more I drive there's a drag on car,have to push accelerator harder to have it keep up the speed.And the engine is getting hot.Not the temp gauge,just excessive heat c...
I changed the spark plugs, it still starting like it want to cut off.
My son entered the security code more than four times! Can I fix this with my vin number, instead of taking car to dealer?
would the igition coil make not run. when i was driving the rpm wentdown to 400 usually on 700
I had a 5 year old battery in my lexus and accidently left the head lights on with car off for about a hour and completley killed my battery went and bought a new one and it still wont turn over. I've noticed that my ...
what is the hood support strut pressure strength for each strut
check engine light is on .had it diagnosted I was told the gas cap was causing problem,I changed cap and light is still on.
How do I change the rear taillight bulbs on my Lexus LS 400. The left and right rear . How do I access
speed diameter stoped working