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Every time I brake all three brake lights do not come on. If there is someone behind me, they have no Idea when I am stopping. The fuse is good under dash and the bulbs are good.
started my lexus and all the warning lights came on and never went off , I run the car and my head lights where very dim. turned car off and had to jump start let it run for a 20 min period .preceded to drive home and...
In drive car will move but only if gas peddle is engaged. Even then car moves as if there's still resistance, as if somethings seized but not enough to hold back the ls400 power.
I feel a sudden shock (jump) when I shift from N to D This problem happens only when the car is stopped and I shift from N to D This is not happening every time, sometimes the shifting from N to D is smooth Otherwi...
How much will it cost me? It says either not properly installed or needs replacement. Who can I trust for this? Is 2nd hand/pulled out parts will do?
it seems to be oil from around where the filter is, can a filter leak on cranking like this?
Replaced the alternator,battery,& power steering pump. Warning lights still come on. Will this harm the car's electrical system? Another question- lcd light that displays the temp & clock does not work, but the auto t...