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brand new battier alternator checked still missing.runs pretty rough my VSC button is on could that be the problem
i have a 98 lexus gs 400, its idleing rugh and running the same way, it has 173000 miles. I'll really apreciate it if anybody can advise what may be the problem
I'm experiencing a pretty steady leak from my transmission. This leak is underneath, at the back of the engine, almost lining-up with back of the front wheel well. when I look under, where it's leaking, I see (I think...
im trying to figure out wat is the name of the part that conn to the air filter housing and the throttle body that has 3 hoses.
Was driving to work the battery light came on, it was raining...defroster's, headlights, windshield wipers and stereo all were on...get off work sunny outside battery light still on..nothing else was on inside car all...
In the morning it occatinlly will not turn over
How would you access the cabin air filter in order to install a replacement filter? Thanks
how do i replace my passenger side lower ball joint ?
Routine Inspection and /or Replacement of the GS 400 cabin air filter is due. I believe it is forward of and above the "glove box." I need instruction on how to access the filter. Thanks.