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There are no other electrical or mechanical problems, it just stopped working one day. I push the button and it doesn't change.
I had an oil change and emissions test at a JiffyLube location in Utah last night. As I was driving home the check engine light came on. I returned to the service station today, and the diagnostic test showed a P0157 ...
Battery needed jump twice. We replaced the battery but we're still experiencing electrical problems - radio goes on and off, GPS not responding, trunk won't open from inside. Lexus said alternator looks ok but batter...
Interdependent garage Rochester, NY. My sons total bill exceeded $1,300.
The brake light bulb was replaced on the driver's side and the indicator on the dash will not go off. All of the brake lights, etc on the rear of the car are working. The indicator light comes on when turning on the ...
can a lexus 05 es300 door fit on a es330 thank you