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Doors are open. Cannot open gas door or trunk. How can I open the hood to charge or replace the battery? The car has 130,000 miles on it and is a great car.
Pretty sure the exhaust is leaking near the manifold. Just returned from a 550 mile trip and the exhaust got obnoxiously loud about 100 miles from home. Took it for an expection a month ago and it passed no problem....
It happens every time I accelerate for only a few seconds, then goes away. It almost sounds like a creaking like maybe something is not tightened up all the way. I bought the car used so do not know repair history.
I have very seldom used the window, but on the hot days I like to get fresh air
2005 Lexus ES330 just had brakes done and new tires. I have no idea where to even begin troubleshooting . If anyone knows I could surly use your wisdom. Thanks
Traction control , VSC and check engine lights came on at the same time. Please need to know how to fix.
I am i handy cap on a fixed income and I need help!
Battery kept dying in driveway so I bought a new battery. Same problem.....Local shop tested it and says I have to take it to a dealership for repair.
I googled replacements for this model car, and there are many new replacements for $150 -$250. Can anyone recommend a particular replacement?
I had both of my rear windows quit working within a week of each other. Now I have not spent much time researching this but the more I snoop around the more I get confused. The green light on the window buttons both...
Car starting flashing radio went out lights dimmed set for 1.5 hour would not turn over this morning at shop started right up now quote me battery and alternator for 666.38 stating alternator is 344.00 plus 119. for b...
the garage has had the vehicle for 3 days now and they have tried two alternators but no success
I have error code P0420. Toyota recommended replacing A/F ratio sensor on bank 1. Did not fix the problem. Next recommendation is to replace cat converter. The car has intermittently shown this problem for the last 15...