Lexus ES300 check engine light on 1996 Lexus ES300

Well it took my car to auto zone and got a test for my check engine light been on for a while got some work done to it already but this check engine light is Killin me the paper from auto zone said this.

Troubleshooting P0330 knock sensor ks 2 circuit and

Troubleshooting P0325 knock sensor ks 1 circuit

Troubleshooting p0125 insufficient coolant for closed loop fuel control probably cause faulty thermostat cts circuit fault.
F Sensor 1 heater system malfunction with A/F sensor 1

And I've got the water pump timing belts and thermostat fixed and I get my oil changed even 3 month and and it got over 300 thousands miles on and it runs good but I need some more information.

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